Some Important Tips for Driving Regulations

It goes without saying that if you drive a vehicle you must hold the appropriate G/G2 license and you must also be fully conversant with driving regulations. You would do well to refer to the Highway Traffic Act and be familiar with the rules. If you are new to this state you would need to go through the graduated licensing program, a two-step process that takes about 20 months for you to obtain the G driving license for cars.

Some of the basic regulations drivers must be familiar with are given below.

You will need to obtain a driving license once you take up residence in the region and wish to drive a car. You will go through the two-step process and you will have to pass the driving test before a license is issued to you. If you are from a region with which has an exchange agreement then your existing license may be valid provided you pass the vision test and you can prove your competence. Such drivers need to present themselves at the Drivers Examination Centre and show their existing driving license or obtain a written confirmation about their driving experience from the appropriate licensing authorities.

Whether you drive your own vehicle or another car the vehicles need to be fully licensed, insured and they must also be well maintained. The vehicle must be registered and drivers need to buy a vehicle permit and license plates as well as pay the annual vehicle validation fee, renewed each year from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Issuing Office. If you bring in your own vehicle from another province or State you must register it within 30 days. If you are buying a used car please check its history for ownership, the record of accidents and mileage traveled.

All vehicles must be fully insured with a suitable third party liability insurance cover worth at least $200,000. Vehicle registration mandates a valid insurance policy.

When you drive you must have the pink liability insurance card with you at all times and you must produce it if the police ask for it. Failure can lead to a fine of $40.

Recent changes to regulations include stiffer penalties if you are found to be using your phone while driving. Pedestrians get precedence at the pedestrian crossover and at the school crossing. You must wait the pedestrians have reached the other side of the road safely before you start your vehicle or you could become liable to a fine of $ 150 to $ 500 and three demerit points. The fine could be double if you infringe the regulations in Community Safety Zones.

The rule applies to pedestrian crossover but not to the pedestrian crosswalk where previous regulations apply. If traffic signals and stop signs are present then also the regulations may not apply. The new regulations apply at school crossing provided a crossing guard is present.

You start with a G1 test and then after suitable practice applies for G2 driving test that gives you full class G driving privileges for which you have to sign a declaration of highway driving experience to show you have driven on designated highways at a speed limit of at least 80km/hr.


Choosing The Right LED Or Reflective Film Enabled Traffic Signs

We must all have seen many traffic signs on the roads when we commute to work every day. These signs include directions, warnings, alerts, caution about danger zones and just about every other information that will let you know if you can travel in that route or not. When you want to buy traffic signs for your property or commercial/residential establishment, you have to watch out for a lot of things. The first one would be visibility. What purpose would it fulfil if you install a traffic sign that cannot be read by all? Next, you need to decide on the materials that will make your sign look brighter. LED bulbs, with their great energy saving capacity and high efficiency, are one of the first choices of owners these days. You could also print your traffic signs on huge reflective films and get them stuck on hoardings in key areas. Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind when you choose these traffic signs.

Reflective films

When you are looking for a perfect traffic sign printing solution, you need to be clear on the answers to the following concepts:

a. How do you plan to use your traffic signs and would you like to specialise in a core traffic-regulated market? Are you looking to print only traffic signs or other things as well?

b. What should would you like your sign to be printed on? Do you want a mix of printing that will enable printing on sheets and rolls or do you want only one of those?

c. What kind of reflective film would you need to print your sign on? How much of ink adhesion are you looking at?

LED Signs

LED Traffic Signs are quite powerful and are very durable as well. These signs have great visibility and can be used to denote various alerts for road users. If you are looking for a LED-powered traffic signboard, you need to be aware of the following concepts:

a. How many LEDs are required in a sign? You should know that when you use more LEDs, the number of pixels in your sign goes up and increases the visibility of your sign from a long distance. When you choose lesser number of LEDs for your signs, they become weak and non-comprehendible.

b. From how far would the signs be viewed by the road users? This is an important point to remember because, if your signs are located close to the traffic, they will be viewed from a very close distance. Hence, you don’t have to invest in lots of pixels to make your sign huge and bright.

How much should be the ideal budget for this? LED bulbs consume very little energy and have a long life. This makes them costlier than the other fluorescent bulbs. Therefore, it is highly recommended to spend judiciously and invest on these signs only after clearly assessing the viewing angles, so that you don’t waste money on a sign that could have been in a smaller and cheaper way.


How to Make Sure Your Home Business Is Legal

Here are a few recommended tips for new or prospective home business owners to make sure your home business opportunity is legal.

Slow Down – Take a Deep Breath

Our greed makes us prone to take action when we normally would behave more cautiously or rationally. Slow down when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The con artist usually wants you to take immediate action – resist the temptation.

If the business is legitimate and built for the long haul – a day or two won’t make a difference in your success. But, taking time to evaluate the company and the business can save you heartache and money.

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Check with the BBB Better Business Bureau is your town and the city where the main business office is located for the company you are investigating. Any legitimate business will have a verifiable business address. Make sure the address is a physical building and not just a mail drop box. This is easily accomplished with a Google search.

Get References

We are more likely to be approached about a home business by a family member or friend than by any other method – though internet advertising has greatly increased our exposure to this market. Either way, ask for at least five references from the business and your sponsor.

Investment Required

Every business has a start-up cost whether the business is operated out of your home, on the internet or a more traditional brick- and-mortar. Always, make sure the initial investment is something you can live with losing because there can be no guarantees of success.

In addition to the initial investment, make a realistic determination about the recurring monthly costs, like business cards, advertising, monthly orders required by the company to remain active and conferences. Some of these are basic, but need to be included in your business budget.

Money Back Guarantee

Check to see if there is a money back guarantee for your initial investment. Many companies do offer a limited time guarantee – just make sure it is writing.

Legitimate companies that sell products are required to have policies for people to return unsold product to the company within a limited time. This is to prevent the “garage full of product” problems faced by many people who thought they could buy their way to success or just found the product did not sell. Again, get this in writing so you can return unused product for a refund.


After you perform your due diligence, take a self-assessment. This will prove to be extremely helpful for determining your success after you make sure your home business opportunity is legal.

What skills, talents and expertise do you have in the area of the business you are considering?

Are you willing to do what your mentor teaches you in order to reach a similar level of success?

Are you willing to learn the business?


There are many legitimate and legal home businesses available to you. The guiding phrase in this industry is captured in the old, old phrase “Caveat Emptor” or “Buyer Beware”. Protect yourself by following these few simple tips before laying down your money.

Wishing you the best of success.


Legal Tips on How to Run a Company

– 3 Things You Should Know About AGMs

Holding a company’s Annual General Meeting or AGM is one of the most important statutory requirements under the Companies Act. An AGM is a mandatory meeting of shareholders. There are three important things that directors who form a company should know about AGMs.

First, during the AGM, the company will present to the shareholders or members its financial statements, which may then raise queries with regards to their investment or other matters. Secondly, all members must receive notice of the AGM in writing. And thirdly, for the meeting to be considered legally valid, you will need a quorum, which is the minimum number of people required to be present during the meeting.

It is important for directors who start a company to hold its AGM on time. A delay or failure to do so, will incur a penalty which is imposed on the company or legal action which is taken against the directors of the company.

· Maintenance of Share Capital

Under the law a company is not allowed to use its share capital for any other purpose other than trading and conducting business. However, there are certain circumstances under which a company is permitted to alter or reduce its share capital, if this is allowed under its Articles. In such a case, the following alterations are permitted.

The company may consolidate and divide its share capital, convert paid-up shares into stock and vice versa, subdivide shares, cancel shares or unissued capital. Once these alterations have been completed, individuals who form a company should lodge a notice of alteration with the ACRA. Under section 71 of the Companies Act, a cancellation of shares is not regarded as a reduction in the company’s share capital. A company may also reduce its share capital with or without court sanction. This may involve cancelling or reducing liability on shares that have not been paid up, canceling paid up share capital or returning paid shared capital to members.

It is important to note that business owners who start a company are not allowed to return any of their assets to members with the exception of dividends which are to be paid out of profits. It is advisable to seek professional advice should you decide to alter or reduce your company’s share capital.

· When and How to File Your Annual Returns

Directors who form a company must ensure that they file their Annual Returns or AR. Filing of Annual Returns by companies is a requirement under law which must be complied with within one month of holding the company Annual General Meeting or AGM. A delay or failure to do so, will incur a penalty which is imposed on the company or legal action being taken against the directors of the company.

Even companies that dispense with holding their AGM are still required to file their AR within one month from the date that the resolutions were formally agreed to. This requirement also applies to dormant companies which are required to file their AR within one month of holding their AGM. Such an AR will only contain a declaration by the directors that the company has been dormant and under what circumstances. Exempt Private Companies are also required to file their AR within a month of their AGM.

· Why Employers Should Implement Work Life Harmony Strategies

With the present day competitive nature of businesses, it’s important for companies to take care of the well-being of their employees if they hope to prosper. Work Life Harmony strategies are implemented by employers to assist their employees in the management of work responsibilities, as well as their personal and family needs. A Work Life Harmony strategy encourages increased productivity and shareholder value, improved employee engagement, improved attraction and talent retention, improved customer experience, reduction in health-related costs such as medical leave and absenteeism, as well as promoting a workforce that is satisfied and more motivated.

· Outsourcing – Is This a Good Thing?

Today, a majority of banks and finance companies are turning to outsourcing some of their business functions overseas. This is due to a shortage of skilled workers and cost savings. There are various pros and cons to outsourcing functions overseas. The main advantage of outsourcing is that directors who form a company are able to keep costs down, as well as recruit staff to perform certain finance and accounting functions locally. One the other hand, the downside of outsourcing is that the company could end up with low quality services and products, as well as the loss of intellectual property. Before you turn to outsourcing, it is important for company directors to weigh the pros and cons of this venture.


Legal Tips to Eliminate Unsecured Debts

According to most financial analysts, debt relief options in 2010 have been more successful as compared to the year 2009. One reason is that 2009 was the year in which recession was in full flow. Hence, financial companies were finding it hard to combat this unusual problem. Due to scams, a lot of people do are not finding debt relief options in 2010 trustworthy. One of the reasons is scams. Loan takers are not knowledgeable about settlements and they are picking illegal firms. These companies are robbing credit card holders by using unauthentic methods. To avoid this situation, you need to be more aware as a debtor.

Scam identification points

All the companies which demand advance payments from the customers are illegitimate. They are counterfeiters who are not interested in providing authentic services to the loan takers. Legal debt relief options in 2010 have increased as compared to 2009. In addition to that, more people are hiring liability reduction companies because the awareness about liability settlement has increased.

Checking the performance of settlement companies

It is important to have a good look at the company which you are hiring. However, you need to look at organizations which are suitable for your case. How do you select the suitable firms?

1. Look at the experience which the firm has. Firms which have experience charge more than newly established ones. You need to see how much you can pay. It also depends on the size of your liability. For instance, there is no point in paying a heavy sum if you have a small liability. According to regulations, you need to have a liability of ten thousand dollars or more if you want to apply for reduction.

2. What kind of settlement cases have been handled by the company? If it has handled complex situations, you can consider it as one of the options. Get a free counseling advice from one of the company representatives. Analyze the opinion and see how help is provided. A legal firm does not take any money for providing an advice.

3. All the firms which you have extracted for comparison should be registered with relief networks. You should check the records of the company even before you start communicating. Try not to waste any time because when the recession period reaches an end, settlement firms will find it hard to survive. Debt relief options in 2010 are used by loan takers who have scarce time available to clear their accounts.

Getting out of debt through a debt settlement process is currently very popular but you need to know where to locate the best performing programs in order to get the best deals. To compare debt settlement companies it would be wise to visit a free debt relief network which will locate the best performing companies in your area for free.


Legal Tips for Using Social Media

Without a doubt, social media has introduced a whole new world of opportunity for citizen journalists, bloggers and others looking to share their stories and ideas in the public arena. Unfortunately, it’s also introduced a host of ways to violate intellectual property laws. From Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to blogs, Facebook and Google+, social media makes it easy to unknowingly infringe on others’ copyrights.

If you want to participate in social media, here are six things you need to know.

1) Fair Use

If you participate in social media, it’s good to understand “fair use,” a tenet of copyright law. Essentially, the fair use rule allows you to use other people’s material (e.g., photos, art, music, videos, ideas, articles, etc.) if you use only portions of it – as opposed to the entire copyrighted work – for criticism, comment, teaching, research or news purposes. The idea is that using it for those purposes means you’re using it fairly rather than just getting ahead by co-opting someone else’s hard work.

2) Transformative Use

It’s also best to use it in a “transformative” rather than derivative way, meaning that you somehow add to the original content. With a recipe, for example, you can add to the ingredients or adjust the cooking process. With a work of art, you may add praise, criticism or comment on the message it conveys.

3) Attribution

If you are using someone else’s original material, give them credit. Give attribution to the original author of a quote or passage, the composer and/or singer of a song, or the name of a photographer or visual artist. If the material exists online, include a link to that original content. Copyright laws are intended to protect creators’ markets. If your use of their material affects their market, you could be infringing on their copyright.

4) About Pinterest

With more than 4 million unique users every day, Pinterest has sparked many conversations about copyright law. If you use Pinterest, you need to be sure you follow the above rules because when you signed up, you agreed that all risk arising out of your use of the Pinterest site is your responsibility (even legal fees that Pinterest may encounter because of your actions). Some experts have likened Pinterest to Napster, suggesting you may face some risk using the site, even if you do attribute, though the risk to an individual is likely small. Repinning, however, doesn’t fall under copyright infringement.

5) Safest Bet

If you want to use other people’s material for any use – fair, transformative or otherwise – your safest bet is to get permission from the copyright owner. It’s not always easy, but if the material is for something truly important, it’s the wisest step to take.


Legal Tips to Avoid Paying Back Credit Card Debt

paydebtOne of the legal tips to avoid paying back credit card debts stars with outright stop payment. As you read and learn more you will realise there are ways through which one can avail legal tips to avoid paying back credit card debts.

As we go on using credit card for our daily expenditure, we don’t realise how deep we have gone into the debt trap. It is only when we start defaulting on repayment that we realise, how difficult it is to come out of credit card debt. If recession has made the matters worse than it is recession which also helped elimination of debt in the easiest possible way.

There was time when the easiest legal tip to avoid paying back credit card debt was declaring bankrupt. When debtors failed to repay the money borrowed they simply declared them self bankrupt. But in modern times when credit histories of debtors are easily transferable, it is wise to carry a clean credit history for future transaction. So it is not wise to call oneself bankrupt. Instead one should try to clear all his debt with possible legal help and move forward.

As we realise that there are legal tips to avoid paying back credit card debt, next thing to do is find out what are those. As per experts the best possible legal option is to take help of debt Relief Company. The company make such an arrangement with bank that a debtor doesn’t have to pay full amount that he owes but only what is left after negotiation. How much amount to pay or how much waiver to avail is entirely dependent on the relief company’s expert negotiation skills.

Many a times a settlement company had succeeded in availing discounts as big as 70%. Whatever left is then paid on easy monthly instalment during a period of 1 to 2 year time. Such arrangements are absolutely legal with no hidden conditions. The most important point to be taken care of is that not all the debt relief companies are legal. There are cases of fraud and bogus company posing as genuine and duping innocent debtors.

Therefore, one of the most important legal tips to avoid paying back credit card debt is to find and hire a debt relief company of repute, a debt settlement company which has a history of successful track record. There are many such companies which one can select through internet.

Getting out of debt through a debt settlement process is currently very popular but you need to know where to locate the best performing programs in order to get the best deals. To compare debt settlement companies it would be wise to visit a free debt relief network which will locate the best performing companies in your area for free.


Legal Tips Every Medical Practice

There are several federal and state laws governing the provision of health care in the US. Medical practices that are unaware of the legal implications of these laws are at a distinct disadvantage, because it limits their ability to fully comply with legal and ethical issues. In this regard, there are some important legal tips that every medical practice should be aware of, as it relates to matters such as entity formation, patient care, and compliance with Medicare and Medicaid (Medi-Cal for California).

Entity Formation

Medical practitioners should ensure that proprietorships are in keeping with relevant statues and regulations. Health care providers desiring to form their own medical entity should be careful to comply with licensing and permit requirements, as well as other laws governing the formation of medical practices. In particular, they should scrutinize the specific laws that stipulate the permissible ownership and management structure. In some states like California, there are restrictions on the entities that certain categories of health care providers can operate.

Ensure Compliance with State and Federal Health Laws

The privacy and security of medical records are safeguarded by federal and state health care laws. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), is a federal law that recognizes the sensitivity of patient medical records. HIPAA has therefor instituted a number of checks and balances to prevent those records from being used improperly. HIPAA defines identifiable health information that can be transmitted as protected health information (PHI), which must be secured.

Medical practices and providers are obliged to comply with HIPAA, and therefore need to set up a compliance unit with staff that is fully aware of compliance related policies. The compliance unit will be able to prevent violations of law. California also has several state laws that medical practices must adhere to, relating to the protection and security of health information. Medical providers often need legal assistance to help negotiate the web of regulations that are out there.

Dealing with issues of non-payment by insurance companies

At some point in their existence medical practices are going to be confronted with the troublesome issue of nonpayment by insurance companies. They are therefore advised to be proactive and not sit back when independent practice associations (IPAs), fail to make good on payment. ‘Slow payment’ often results in ‘no-payment,’ therefore physicians ought to persistently follow-up the IPAs for payment, as soon as there is any delay. They should also seek legal assistance where necessary.

Avoiding Medicare Overpayment issues

Billing errors can lead to serious consequences for a medical practice, so it’s important to avoid Medicare overpayment issues. Physicians should therefore ensure that their billing system is accurate, and services are being billed correctly. It’s often advisable to seek the assistance of health care attorneys in this regard, as they are well placed to provide the necessary guidance and oversight.

In the event that an overpayment is made, the medical provider should promptly make a report as stipulated by the Affordable Care Act. Under the Affordable Care Act, physicians are required to report any payment violation within 60 days. Failure to do so can result in them being held liable under the False Claims Act.

Dealing with dual eligible patients

In California this relates to patients that have both Medi-Care and Medi-Cal. Patients that fall in this category may be eligible for Cal MediConnect. Cal MediConnect was implemented to streamline the provision of health care for dual eligible beneficiaries, and forms a part of the wider Coordinated Care Initiative (CCI).

Physicians need to understand the registration process, as well as the implications that will ensue for their medical practice, as a result of the Cal MediConnect program. In particular, they should have a good understanding of issues relating to enrollment and billing, as well as the how they will be impacted if patients opt out of MediConnect.

In California, the statutes and regulations regarding medical practices are varied, and very often health care providers are unaware of the legal nuances that can affect their practices. However, by retaining the services of an experienced healthcare attorney, they can gain a better understanding of the health care laws.


Legal Tips For Home Owners

legalPersonal home is just like a heaven in the world. Having your personal home is like a dream come true but there are many complexities and legalities associated with it.

It is in the best interest of you to complete all legal formalities before and after purchasing the house. These legal procedures can save you from much bigger problems and tensions. Some of the important legal tips for home owner that you must take care of are given below:

Documents Verification

Verification of documents is one of the critical issues in purchasing your personal home. You must verify all the related legal documents of the property. It is advised that you should perform this verification process either yourself or through some legal firm.

You must also check that there should be no financial liability over this property. If you are buying this house on behalf of actual owner, then you must verify the validity of his / her power of attorney.


This is the first step which you have to take before purchasing your desired house. You should advertise in local newspapers about your intentions to purchase the specific house. The advertisement should clearly state that if somebody has any legal right over this property, he / she can contact you within the given time frame.

Proper Documentation

It is your most important duty to prepare all concerned legal documents which are compulsory to prove your ownership. This documentation may include preparation of lease agreements, registry papers, transfer deeds, sale deeds, no objection certificate, non encumbrance certificate and the clearance from all utility departments like electricity, gas, water and sewerage.

Mode of Payment

It is considered a good deed in favour of you to make all the payment of your new home through bank. This will make a proof of your payment about the purchased property.


Now you have become the owner of your personal home so it is your responsibility to register your home with all concerned governments departments. You may register this property to cantonment board, Municipal Corporation, local government department of land, union council or any other institution.

Utility Connection

It is a better approach to have all utility connections on your personal name. If you have purchased an already built house then you should transfer all connections to your name by giving application of transfer. If you have built a new house yourself then apply for the new connections on your name.

Issuance of Power Of Attorney

You should not issue any kind of power of attorney to anyone for any purpose. If you are willing to transfer your share to your family or anyone else then it is advised to do it with your will papers rather than issuing the power of attorney.


It very important to get insurance policy for your home as it will insure your home from any accident like theft, fire, earthquake or any sort of natural disaster.

Some people are against the insurance policy of houses. They are unaware of the terms and conditions of the policies and assume it as wastage of money. However the fact is that if you adopt right policy then it is in your best interest of you as you can claim for the damages caused to your home in case of any disaster.

Rent Agreements

There can be the case when you are not interested in living in your own house and want some portion of it to be rented out or have a paying guest in your home. In such scenarios it is advisable to make proper agreement / deed about the rent and other related terms and conditions. Also you should check and verify the character of your tenants.


Pre-Paid Legal Services Review

In this Pre-Paid Legal Services review, I will be offering information pertaining to the history of this company, the legal services that they provide to their members, and the business opportunity that they offer. Does Pre-Paid Legal Services offer the best home based business for you and your family? Lets begin my Pre-Paid Legal Services review.

Previously known as The Sportsman’s Motor Club, Pre-Paid Legal Services was founded by Harland Stonecipher in 1972. Pre-Paid Legal offers legal expense plans for a low monthly fee of $26 per month or lower, depending on the level of legal representation or services you desire. The services that they offer will benefit individuals, families, and businesses alike.

Similar to the way that health insurance companies have contracts with local health care providers, Pre-Paid Legal has contracts with provider law firms. If you need legal assistance, you just simply call your provider law firm on your membership card.

To become an Independent Associate, the cost to do so is $72. For this price, you will be provided with sales aids and business materials, certified field training, and home office support among many others to assist you with achieving a successful start in your new business.

As an Associate, you will be provided with 3 ways that you can make money with Pre-Paid Legal. These include:

1. You will receive immediate compensation as you successfully sell any of their legal plans such as Individual Memberships, Employee Benefit Memberships, Business Plans, Commercial Drivers Legal Plans, and Law Officers Legal Plans to name a few.

2. You will receive override commissions when members of your downline enroll new Pre-Paid Legal Members and new Associates.

3. You will receive a residual income stream on your personal membership sales, as well as sales achieved through your organization for as long as they remain in effect.

In my opinion, Pre-Paid Legal Services is a very legitimate company. Many times when someone needs the legal advice of an attorney, they do not bother to enlist their help, because of the cost associated with doing so. This company has positioned themselves to help a multitude of families and businesses at a price that is affordable to just about anyone. You will need to keep in mind that this is a business that will encourage you to prospect amongst family and friends to achieve success. With that being said, Pre-Paid Legal Services is a very legitimate opportunity that offers the tools and support for your success.

As always, I wish you success in your search for a home based business for you and your family.

Dave Fennell is an Investment Advisor who is transitioning into a Home Based Business in Internet Marketing. He specializes in Article Marketing, Blogging, Social Network Marketing, Video Marketing, and many other Top Online Marketing Strategies.